LED Conversion Kit (RC)




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The LED Conversion Kit is one of our most versatile LED products. It was designed by two electricians who wanted to make a labor and energy saving LED retroft kit for common gas canopy fxtures. The standard LED conversion board is designed to retroft 95% of these fixtures currently installed in the feld; fuel station canopies, building wall packs, low bays, shoe boxes, and cobra head street lights. With the use of our standard adjustable light brackets, or a custom-designed adapter plate, it makes the conversion user-friendly and very quick. There are multiple upgrades available for this retroft kit as well, which are designed for the gas station canopy market. These conversion kits provide a sleek and modern look—a huge update from bulky, outdated eyesores. Whether you want to swap out the “guts” of the fxture or give your fxture an entirely new look, the RC line will get the job done at a low cost while saving energy.

Market Applications

  • Building wall pack retrofit
  • Cobra head lighting retrofit
  • Gas station canopy retrofit
  • Low bay lighting retrofit
  • Shoebox/Parking lot lighting


  • DLC listed
  • UL recognized (E471619) luminaire conversion retrofit kit for permanently connected HID.
  • Minimum 50,000 hour chip life at 55° C constant temperature under IESNA test conditions
  • 1/8″ 6061 US aluminum heat sink with emissive coating for maximum heat dissipation
  • Philips Luxeon H.L. LEDs
  • 3 driver options available:
    • Philips Advance Driver (120/277V)
    • Meanwell Driver (120/240V)
    • OSRAM Driver (120/277V) For RC-90, RC-120 and RC-150 only.
  • CRI: 80
  • 7 year limited warranty

Model: RC-30-CNP-LED

  • Description: RC-30 LED Conversion Kit
  • Watts: 30
  • Lumens: 3,780
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RC-52-CNP-LED

  • Description: RC-52 LED Conversion Kit
  • Watts: 60
  • Lumens: 7,560
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RC-52-ID-LED

  • Description: RC-52 LED Conversion Kit (Interior Use)
  • Watts: 60
  • Lumens: 7,560
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RC-90-CNP-LED

  • Description: RC-90 LED Conversion Kit
  • Watts: 90
  • Lumens: 11,220
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RC-120-CNP-LED

  • Description: RC-120 LED Conversion Kit
  • Watts: 120
  • Lumens: 14,850
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RC-150-CNP-LED

  • Description: RC-150 LED Conversion Kit
  • Watts: 150
  • Lumens: 18,522
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

* DLC Listed. For a complete list of all DLC listed fxtures, visit www.designlights.org/QPL