LED High Output Area Light (RA)




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The RA LED High Output Area Light is a truly top-of-the-line high output area light designed to replace 400W metal halides. It can replace all the way up to 1,000W existing fixtures. This LED features powder-coated die-cast aluminum housing with an integrated heat sink and Philips LEDs. The RA LED is also photocell, motion sensor and control system adaptable.

There are six different optional mounting adapters allowing the fixture to be used in all existing applications.

Market Applications

  • Parking Lots
  • Auto Dealerships
  • Street Lighting
  • General Area Lighting
  • Wall Mount Lighting
  • Security Lighting


  • DLC Listed
  • Dark bronze powder coated over a chromate conversion coating to ensure a long-lasting, high quality finish in all kinds of environments.
  • ET Listed
  • Philips Luxeon LEDs
  • Special order colors are available upon request
  • 7¬†year limited warranty

Model: RA-120-5-LED*

  • Description: 120W RA LED High Output Area Light
  • Watts: 120
  • Lumens: 14,800
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RA-180-5-LED*

  • Description: 180W RA LED High Output Area Light
  • Watts: 180
  • Lumens: 21,6000
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RA-240-5-LED

  • Description: 240W RA LED High Output Area Light
  • Watts: 240
  • Lumens: 29,600
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RA-300-5-LED

  • Description: 300W RA LED High Output Area Light
  • Watts: 300
  • Lumens: 36,840
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

Model: RA-360-5-LED

  • Description: 360W RA LED High Output Area Light
  • Watts: 360
  • Lumens: 43,200
  • Color Temp: 5,000K

* DLC Listed. For a complete list of all DLC listed fxtures, visit www.designlights.org/QPL